Toppem Sports is a pioneering fan engagement brand that is giving FANDOM a home on the blockchain by uniting the world with interactive sports and gaming experiences built on fairness and technological transparency.



Central, The Center of it All, is a first-of-its-kind online sports and entertainment center designed to offer a range of interactive technology experiences and is home to, The Fantasy Sportsbook of Tomorrowwhere all of the Pick ’em Predict-To-Earn gaming action takes place.

We are redefining fantasy sports engagement with immersive streaming and entertainment experiences offered in partnership with global brands from a range of industries including sports, music, gaming and more!



Toppem’s decentralized fantasy sports platform leverages the power of blockchain technology and digital collectibles (NFTs) creating exciting skillful contests–powered by a player-first rewards system with instant prize pool payouts!

Our global inclusive community of players meet and compete in daily, weekly, and monthly Pick ’em Predict-To-Earn gaming tournaments, exclusive leagues, and player prop duels.


Innovative Scoring System

By having pioneered an innovative scoring system that brilliantly combines both fantasy sports and sports betting into one dynamic ecosystem, we have created the ultimate Pick ’em Predict-To-Earn game of skill rather than a game of chance by combining three criteria:

  1. Winning Selections
  2. Points
  3. Profits

The focus is just picking money lines, spreads, or totals before the games/matches (pre-match) take place ranging from a variety of real sports, eSports, and metasports leagues.


No Player Draft or Building Fantasy Line Ups

Our ecosystem is determined by the odds of a winning selection without ever placing a real sports bet. This differs from both conventional fantasy games where points are awarded according to the performance of individual players and the sports betting industry.

As you can see, we are in a league of our own.


Cutting-edge Fantasy Sports Gaming Concepts:


4 The Win! is the premier monthly tournament that is designed to capture the authenticity and excitement of sports playoffs. It is an exciting bracket-style, four rounds/weeks, best-of-seven tournament where players have to win the first four out of seven days (just like pro sports where a team must win four out of seven games in the playoffs) to further advance, with the top three players capturing the total prize pool. 

Player Prop Spread Duels

Pick your favorite players to out duel their rivals in daily, weekly, and monthly Pick ’em Predict-To-Earn gaming tournaments using pre-match player prop betting lines, a first of its kind.

Exclusive Leagues

Pick ’em Predict-To-Earn gaming leagues that run in conjunction with real professional sports, eSports, and metasports leagues.

Each team is comprised of seven NFTs, which Stakeholders either mint a full team of seven themselves or join with friends or community members.

Stakeholders work together or solo in a season to advance their team into the playoffs and championships.

There are exclusive individual and team prizes, ensuring non-stop competition and engagement throughout the competition.

Designed to deliver an interactive, inclusive and immersive experience that goes beyond the current fantasy sports offer with a global community based on the foundation of transparency and fairness for all, Toppem is, Better than the Rest. 


Toppem Sports NFTs!

Our NFTs consist of four unique sports with a total of 10,000 NFTs that will be minted in scheduled intervals of 2,500 per mint: Soccer, Hockey, American Football, and Tennis

Our NFT Utilities (Subject to Change): 

Present & Future 

1. Enables exclusive access to Central and our ecosystem.

2. The opportunity to qualify for the end of season per mint championship tournament.

3. Entrance into other partnered ecosystems.

4. Receive special discounts from all of our global brand partners.

5. Automatically entered to win special prizes including but not limited to:

  • Meet and greets from selected athletes, musicians,  entertainers and more.
  • Autographs from selected athletes, musicians, entertainers and more.

6. Play with your own GameFi 3D piece of skin art in our specially designed and developed P2E games!

7. Invitation to participate in our ITO (Initial Token Offering) before the general public.

8. First opportunity given to participate in all Toppem Sports future projects.

9. Phygital aspirations as the roadmap progresses.


Pick ’em Predict-To-Earn Gaming Process:

NFT Stakeholders (Toppems) leverage the platform to make 7 pre-match skillful selections across a wide variety of real sports, eSports, and metasports leagues in a simple three step process:




About Us

Our core team members passion for sports, eSports, metasports, and blockchain combined with various successful entries and exits into sport, fantasy sports, iGaming, gaming, blockchain, and retail apparel markets, allows us to successfully complete our mission.


Unite the world through interactive sports and gaming experiences built on sustainability, fairness, and technological transparency.

  • Inclusive engaged global community
  • Interactive and immersive sports and gaming experiences
  • Pioneering ecosystem
  • Fair, fun, and skillful tournament contests
  • Transparent results
  • Instant digital payouts 


Play with your own GameFi 3D piece of skin art in our specially designed and developed P2E games!


We have a solid plan that we will execute one-by-one

Global All-Stars

Aspiring Hall of Famers in key verticals

Thomas Christopher



Tom is the Founder and CEO of Toppem Sports, a pioneering fan engagement brand, and BITCOVERSE, a global educational platform that will allow users to become proficient in blockchain and beyond.

He is a lifelong entrepreneur and brings his experience in real estate, interior design, and iGaming into a virtual environment with the creation of Central, a first-of-its-kind decentralized fantasy sports platform with a global community that leverages the power of blockchain technology and digital collectibles to offer a player-first rewards system.

As a futurist and progressive thinker, Tom has a clear view of the innovations blockchain will offer to the iGaming industry. He has incorporated these ideas into developing the Toppem Sports business model which not only has the potential to disrupt the industry but to also add value to traditional delivery channels. Ex: Cable television becoming more interactive with its audience utilizing blockchain as a tool

Tom’s previous enterprises include a sports consultancy agency and a global hospitality and design consultancy which reached three continents..

Ryan Knuppel

Managing Partner


Ryan is the Founder & CEO of Knup Solutions, a leading sports content agency that services hundreds of brands through editorial, video and social media content. His 20 years of experience in the sports betting & fantasy space has helped him build an extensive network of industry leaders. Ryan has a passion for Web3 and integrating that into the sports vertical will be the future of not only sport but eSports and meta sports as well moving forward into the future. 

The vision is to help Toppem Sports build the strategy and connections needed in order to efficiently execute the present strategy while forward thinking into the future.

Andy McNamara

Head of Partnership Innovation


Andy is an award winning international sports broadcaster, who has worked as a play-by-play commentator/host/journalist for worldwide known brands: ESPN, Draft Kings, Sportsnet, TSN, Fox Sports, Canadian Football League (CFL), National Lacrosse League (NLL), Bleacher Report, and others. Since 2005, Andy’s combined his sports career with national media sales, securing country wide partnerships with Domino’s Pizza as well as several leading fantasy sports and betting companies.

Toppem Sports jumps out as the perfect combination of sports, fantasy/sports betting, and Web3 technology. The group is set to do special things in the sporting world that will engage fans and leagues into an exciting and interactive future, which I want to be a part of.

McNamara’s executive level experience in various industries will serve as a launching pad for establishing Toppem Sports as a global brand through cohesive and strategic partnerships.

Herbert Kungah

Business Development Manager


Herbert is an ex pro-footballer having played six and a half years for the Nairobi City Stars of the Kenyan Premier League. Known as an astute sports administrator of events and renowned marketing professional, he brings a successful pedigree of growth execution. Herbert will create and manage Toppem’s partnerships and collaborations along with fostering the brand’s image and likeness in regions of Africa. 

The goal is for Toppem Sports to be an embedded foundational piece to Africa’s infrastructure for sport and entertainment in a technologically sound ecosystem featuring a sustainable and inclusive community with full transparency.

Edem Kojo Spio

Media Relations Officer


Edem Kojo Spio is the co-founder, co-host and senior producer of the Africa Business of Sport Podcast, a sports business podcast that offers dynamic African perspectives on the biggest topics, stories, developments and talking points in the global sports business industry from the leading figures in the global sport business. 

Edem has a master’s degree in International Sport Management and is passionate about partnership, sponsorship, technology and fan engagement in sports. He believes it’s crucial for young people to equip themselves with knowledge in sports business so as to contribute effectively towards sports organisations. 

Edem joined Toppem Sports because of his interest in Web3 and sports technology. He said that he sees the potential of Toppem Sports to really grab the attention, interaction and participation of people who are tech savvy and curious about the benefits that technology can bring to sports. Edem believes that in 5 years, Toppem Sports will be a key partner of the Africa Super League and will bring African fans closer to the teams they support.

Maré Greyling


South Africa

Maré, universally recognized as being one of the top Developers in South Africa brings a wealth of insight, innovation, and a successful pedigree to Toppem Sports. Throughout the span of a 20+ year career, the solutions created has always surpassed all expectations. His belief is that Toppem Sports will be the pioneer during the blockchain adaptation and onboarding process in the fantasy sports NFT industry. 

Please review his professional excellence.

Ed Williams III

Special Counsel of Global Strategy and Partnerships


A two-time Sports Emmy Award winner, Ed Williams III brings two decades of experience in sports media and is coming off a 16-year run at NBC Sports. As the Sr. Director of Content for Fantasy Sports and Sports Betting, Ed was responsible for all things content for Rotoworld and NBC Sports EDGE, routinely delivering over a billion page views annually. Having been a member of the senior leadership team, he also brings experience in the product, marketing, social media, business development and operations sides of the industry. He has a proven track record of growth across digital platforms and is also a member of the Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association as well as the Fantasy Sports Writers Association Board of Directors.

Earlier this year, Ed ventured out on his own and founded Macklyn Sports Media Consulting. Named after his two daughters Mackenzie and Kaitlyn, Macklyn allows other startups and companies to tap into Ed’s expertise to help launch or grow their companies and products and exceed their business objectives. Ed is thrilled to roll up his sleeves and contribute to the already immensely talented Toppem team and help bring Thomas’ vision to life.

“While I’ve dipped my toes in the Web3 waters on my own as a consumer, Thomas’ infectious passion for this project and his clear vision made me excited to dive in. I’m eager to bring my industry knowledge to the project and start building strategic partnerships to help Toppem grow.”

Jan Murphy

Pro Wrestling Strategic Consultant


Jan Murphy, the renowned modern-day Brock Lesnar of journalism, The Beast Incarnate of Words, is a 25-year journalist, editor and lifelong wrestling fan. He is the founder and creator of Chinlock Wrestling, a charitable pro wrestling company based in Kingston, Ontario, Canada founded in 2014.

Some of his published work: 

TJ Wilson: Wrestling’s comeback Kidd

Tony Khan unplugged as All Elite Wrestling arrives in Western Canada

The man behind WWE’s mysterious Undertaker featured in docuseries

Tony Drummond



After two decades of consulting, marketing, and operations experience, Tony made the decision to co-found MicroPets, a venture that plunged him into the Web3 space and actualized his passion for crypto and blockchain.

In a span of just three weeks, what started as a $550K venture quickly scaled to over $200MM under Tony’s leadership. From concept development to community outreach, Tony’s startup efforts were as much about building a structurally-sound foundation as they were about scaling. In the end, MicroPets attracted nearly 70K community members, many of whom remain long-term holders.

Tony will leverage his experience and position Toppem Sports as the premier market leader in the Fantasy Sports and NFT space.


Full Stack Developer & Design


Uzair, a blockchain enthusiast, brings over 4 years of successful experience in the IT industry. Having worked on and been a part of different tech stacked based global projects including Web3, Cloud, and Apps, these varieties of expertise will come in handy for Toppem Sports. He feels the potential of Toppem Sports is unlimited due to its core ideas being better than other available solutions and is what inspired Uzair to come onto the team.

Arslan Majeed

Front End Developer & Design


Arslan is a Senior Software Engineer pro with 4 + years of successful experience. His passion in working with the latest technologies such as WebRTC, VR, AR, WebSockets, RTMP, and AI make him the perfect fit for the vision of Toppem Sports. He is a critical thinker with experience in leading global tech teams. 

The aim is to design an immersive mixed solution with blockchain technology leading the way fusing The Metaverse, AR/VR, and AI into one interactive concept.

The Virtual Revolution is coming and Toppem Sports will be in the thick of it.

Dan Artaev

Legal Counsel


Dan is the Founder and Managing Partner of Artaev at Law PLLC, a law firm that specializes in cutting-edge legal issues surrounding emerging technology like blockchain. He brings over a decade of public sector and private practice experience in business, regulatory, and gaming law. Dan has focused his practice on video games, esports, sports betting, and play-to-earn Web 3.0 projects since 2020, and has advised a number of gaming companies in the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, South Korea, Israel, and Australia.

He is excited to be a part of the Toppem Sports brand because it combines the potential of maturing blockchain technology, a rapidly growing international sports sector, and the vision of a functional metaverse. 

“Toppem Sports is truly a unique brand with a special vision.”

Ross J. Wolfe

Venture Capital Counsel


Since 2008, best-selling author, Ross J. Wolfe has been shaping the futures of hundreds of entrepreneurs from the earliest stages of their ventures to ultimate scalability. Over his career as counsel to venture capital and private equity firms, he has improved upon best practices and systems designed to navigate his clients’ new ventures from their startup stages to scalability leading to long lasting businesses that were either acquired and merged.

He is a highly experienced executive capable of leading change across all aspects of an organization. His overall experience makes him ideally suited to represent founders and entrepreneurs in engaging venture capital and private equity firms when seeking additional capital and scale.

“Toppem Sports is a disruptor to the athletic and entertainment space.”

Ross earned his Law degree from the Barry University School of Law, an MBA from the University of Miami and a BA in Political Science from George Mason University.

Previously held Series 7, Series 65, Series 63, and Series 6 licenses.

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